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Interface to produce averages, standard deviations and, if desired, distribution functions for STEREO-A.


This page provides the ability to produce averages, standard deviations and distribution functions for any one of parameters listed below, only for hours when the value of this parameter and/or other parameters satisfy user-specified numeric ranges. Click on left side to specify the output parameter. Enter in the rightside boxes desired minimum and/or maximum value(s) of this and/or any other desired "filtering" parameter(s).

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*Select an activity

     Get distribution function, etc. List data selected

*Enter start and stop dates (Use yyyyddd or yyyymmdd)  
    Start      Stop   [Click here to get time spans for individual parameters.]     

* Select variable
Variable Name Format Min/Max values:
Low    High
Heliocentric Distance, AU F6.2   
HelioGraphic Inertial (HGI) Latitude, deg. F6.1   
HGI Longitude, deg. F6.1   
IMF BR in RTN(Radial-Tangential-Normal), nT F8.2   
IMF BT, nT (RTN) F8.2   
IMF BN, nT (RTN) F8.2   
IMF B Field Magnitude (Scalar), nT F8.2   
Proton Flow Speed, km/sec F7.1   
Proton Flow Elevation Angle/Latitude, (RTN), deg. F7.1   
Proton Flow Azimuth Angle/Longitude (RTN), deg. F7.1   
Proton Density, n/cc F7.2   
Proton Temperature, K F9.0   

* Specify bin size (width) in units natural to selected parameter
Note: Specify zero (0) to suppress the determination and display of a distribution function

*Advanced plot selections (optional)
Y-axes type: Character size(0.5-2.0):
DF units Image size (pixels): X: Y:


If you have any questions/comments about COHOWEB system, contact:
Dr. Natalia Papitashvili,Mail Code 672, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771