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Interface to produce averages, standard deviations and, if desired, distribution functions for Voyager2.

This page provides the ability to produce averages, standard deviations and distribution functions for any one of the Voyager2 parameters listed below, only for hours when the value of this parameter and/or other parameters satisfy user-specified numeric ranges. Click on left side to specify the output parameter. Enter in the rightside boxes desired minimum and/or maximum value(s) of this and/or any other desired "filtering" parameter(s).

Note: Voyager magnetometer data past 1989 must be used very carefully due to the very low magnetic field values being measured as compared to the pre-launch magnetometer accuracy requirements. Please click here for details.

Click HERE for more on using this interface.

*Select an activity

     Get distribution function, etc. List data selected

*Enter start and stop dates (Use yyyyddd or yyyymmdd)  
    Start      Stop   [Click here to get time spans for individual parameters.]     

* Select variable
Variable Name Format Min/Max values:
Low    High
Heliocentric Distance, AU F6.2   
HelioGraphic Inertial (HGI) Latitude, deg. F6.1   
HGI Longitude, deg. F6.1   
IMF B Field Magnitude (Scalar), nT F7.3   
IMF BR in RTN(Radial-Tangential-Normal), nT F7.3   
IMF BT, nT (RTN) F7.3   
IMF BN, nT (RTN) F7.3   
Proton Flow Speed, km/sec F6.1   
Proton Flow Elevation Angle/Latitude, (RTN), deg. F6.1   
Proton Flow Azimuth Angle/Longitude (RTN), deg. F6.1   
Proton Density, n/cc F8.5   
Proton Temperature, K F8.0   

* Specify bin size (width) in units natural to selected parameter
Note: Specify zero (0) to suppress the determination and display of a distribution function

*Advanced plot selections (optional)
Y-axes type: Character size(0.5-2.0):
DF units Image size (pixels): X: Y:


If you have any questions/comments about COHOWEB system, contact:
Dr. Natalia Papitashvili,Mail Code 672, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771