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1-hr IMP8/CRNC Data (U.Chi/UNH)

Time span: 1973-10-30 to 2001-10-26

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Proton Flux Alpha Prtcl Flux Electron Flux Count Rates, Heavies
11.24-12.62 Mev
12.62-16.18 Mev
16.18-20.00 Mev
20.00-29.75 Mev
29.75-40.10 Mev
40.10-50.90 Mev
50.90-62.55 Mev
62.55-74.50 Mev
74.50-94.78 Mev
10.90-12.89 Mev/n
12.89-16.35 Mev/n
16.35-19.95 Mev/n
19.95-25.36 Mev/n
30.61-42.03 Mev/n
42.03-55.40 Mev/n
55.40-69.64 Mev/n
69.64-84.32 Mev/n
84.32-94.81 Mev/n
0.7-2.0 Mev
2.0-12. Mev
12.-50. Mev

Penetrating Particles
Z>8 Low Energy
Z>8 High Energy
CNO (E<80 Mev/n)
CNO (E>80 Mev/n)

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