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Ulysses daily COSPIN fluxes

COSPIN (COsmic Ray and Solar Particle INvestigation) Fluxes are presented from Low Energy Telescope (LET)
and High Energy Telescope (HET)
Data source:

Time span: 1990-10-23 to 2009-06-30

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Protons Alpha particles
Energy Flux Uncertainties Energy Flux Uncertainties
2.0-4.0 Mev (LET)          4.0-6.0 MeV/n (LET)         
4.0-6.0 Mev (LET)          6.0-9.0 MeV/n (LET)         
6.0-8.0 MeV(LET)          11.0-20.0 MeV/n(LET)         
8.0-16.0 MeV (LET)          39.0-71.0 MeV/n (HET)         
16.0-20.0 Mev (LET)          72.0-95.0 MeV/n(HET)         
39.0-70.0 Mev (HET)         

71.0-94.0 Mev (HET)         

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