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Ulysses HISCALE daily He, C, O, Ne, Si, Fe fluxes


Time span: 1990-11-14 to 2009-06-08

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0.314-0.388 Mev/n, He flux
0.388-0.479 Mev/n, He flux
0.479-0.591 Mev/n, He flux
0.591-0.729 Mev/n, He flux
0.729-0.899 Mev/n, He flux
0.899-1.110 Mev/n, He flux
1.110-1.370 Mev/n, He flux
1.370-1.690 Mev/n, He flux flux
1.690-2.080 Mev/n, He flux flux
2.080-2.570 Mev/n, He flux
2.570-3.170 Mev/n, He flux
3.170-3.910 Mev/n, He flux
0.430-0.540 Mev/n, C flux
0.540-0.679 Mev/n, C flux
0.679-0.852 Mev/n, C flux
0.852-1.070 Mev/n, C flux
1.070-1.340 Mev/n, C flux
1.340-1.690 Mev/n, C flux
1.690-2.120 Mev/n, C flux
2.120-2.660 Mev/n, C flux
2.660-3.340 Mev/n, C flux
3.340-4.190 Mev/n, C flux
4.190-5.260 Mev/n, C flux
5.260-6.610 Mev/n, C flux
0.416-0.534 Mev/n, O flux
0.534-0.684 Mev/n, O flux
0.684-0.877 Mev/n, O flux
0.877-1.120 Mev/n, O flux
1.120-1.440 Mev/n, O flux
1.440-1.850 Mev/n, O flux
1.850-2.370 Mev/n, O flux
2.370-3.030 Mev/n, O flux
3.030-3.890 Mev/n, O flux
3.890-4.980 Mev/n, O flux
4.980-6.390 Mev/n, O flux
6.390-8.190 Mev/n, O flux
0.385-0.502 Mev/n, Ne flux
0.502-0.655 Mev/n, Ne flux
0.655-0.854 Mev/n, Ne flux
0.854-1.120 Mev/n, Ne flux
1.120-1.460 Mev/n, Ne flux
1.460-1.900 Mev/n, Ne flux
1.900-2.480 Mev/n, Ne flux
2.480-3.230 Mev/n, Ne flux
3.230-4.220 Mev/n, Ne flux
4.220-5.510 Mev/n, Ne flux
5.510-7.190 Mev/n, Ne flux
7.190-9.380 Mev/n, Ne flux
0.318-0.417 Mev/n, Si flux
0.417-0.548 Mev/n, Si flux
0.548-0.720 Mev/n, Si flux
0.720-0.946 Mev/n, Si flux
0.946-1.240 Mev/n, Si flux
1.240-1.630 Mev/n, Si flux
1.630-2.140 Mev/n, Si flux
2.140-2.820 Mev/n, Si flux
2.820-3.700 Mev/n, Si flux
3.700-4.860 Mev/n, Si flux
4.860-6.380 Mev/n, Si flux
6.380-8.380 Mev/n, Si flux
0.199-0.271 Mev/n, Fe flux
0.271-0.368 Mev/n, Fe flux
0.368-0.502 Mev/n, Fe flux
0.502-0.683 Mev/n, Fe flux
0.683-0.931 Mev/n, Fe flux
0.931-1.270 Mev/n, Fe flux
1.270-1.730 Mev/n, Fe flux
1.730-2.350 Mev/n, Fe flux
2.350-3.200 Mev/n, Fe flux
3.200-4.360 Mev/n, Fe flux
4.360-5.940 Mev/n, Fe flux
5.940-8.090 Mev/n, Fe flux

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