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Interface to produce plots, listings or output files from Voyager 2
Data are from the Voyager-2 Low Energy Charged Particle (LECP) experiment. Each record contains 1-hour averages of fluxes and flux uncertainties of protons in the energy channels shown below.
Statistical uncertainties are Poisson uncertainties, Flux/SQRT(N).
Flux units are: Protons/(cm^2 sec ster MeV).

The annual files of this ASCII data set may be accessed from FTP SPDF or

Time span: 1977-09-12 - 2015-11-07

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Protons ( Fluxes) Uncertainties of Fluxes
Flux, protons 0.52-1.45 MeV (ch1_flux)     Statistical unc. of ch1_flux (ch1_fluxu)
Flux, protons 3.04-17.3 MeV (ch16_flux)     Statistical unc. of ch16_flux (ch16_fluxu)
Flux, protons 22.0-30.0 MeV (ch23_flux)     Statistical unc. of ch23_flux (ch23_fluxu)

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