About STEREO data in COHOWEB

STEREO-A and -B data are from the magnetometer of the IMPACT package
and from the PLASTIC plasma detector.  Principal Investigators for these
packages are Janet Luhmann (UCB) and Antoinette Galvin (UNH), 
respectively.   Magnetic field  data were obtained as 1-min averages 
from the GSFC web site at https://cdaweb.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov/ (STA_L2_MAGPLASMA_1M data set)
COHOWeb's magnetic field hourly averages were created by averaging these 1-min data
falling within each hour.  Hourly plasma parameter data, were obtained from UNH via 
Hourly fluxes data were obtained from Caltech via  http://www.srl.caltech.edu/STEREO/DATA/