Advanced Plot Options Help

Many of the advanced plotting options are IDL-specific and thus utilize the plotting capabilities of the Interactive Data Language (IDL), which is the backend graphics engine used by COHOWeb. Greater detailed explanations for these plotting options can be found in the IDL User's Guide and Reference Guide. Rather than duplicate all of IDL's documentation, this document only summarizes the available plotting options.

The advanced capabilities that are supported through COHOWeb's Data Explorer form are described below:

Plot Mode:


Y-axis scale:

Character Size:

X-axis style:

Y-axis style:

Plot Symbol:

Symbol Size:




Connect Type:

Max. Days/Panel:

Color table:

 0-        B-W LINEAR  14-             STEPS  28-     Hardcandy
 1-        BLUE/WHITE  15-     STERN SPECIAL  29-        Nature
 2-   GRN-RED-BLU-WHT  16-              Haze  30-         Ocean
 3-   RED TEMPERATURE  17- Blue - Pastel - R  31-    Peppermint
 4- BLUE/GREEN/RED/YE  18-           Pastels  32-        Plasma
 5-      STD GAMMA-II  19- Hue Sat Lightness  33-      Blue-Red
 6-             PRISM  20- Hue Sat Lightness  34-       Rainbow
 7-        RED-PURPLE  21-   Hue Sat Value 1  35-    Blue Waves
 8- GREEN/WHITE LINEA  22-   Hue Sat Value 2  36-       Volcano
 9- GRN/WHT EXPONENTI  23- Purple-Red + Stri  37-         Waves
10-        GREEN-PINK  24-             Beach  38-     Rainbow18
11-          BLUE-RED  25-         Mac Style  39- Rainbow+white
12-          16 LEVEL  26-             Eos A  40- Rainbow+black
13-           RAINBOW  27-             Eos B

Foreground color index:

Background color index:

For example, setting the foreground color to 255 and the background color to 0 creates a WHITE plot on a BLACK background and the reverse creates a BLACK plot on a WHITE background. This option will help when you want to print the page output.

Image size (pixels):

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