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Interface to produce listings/plots with filtering

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This page provides the ability to list (or create a file of) any selection of the OMNI parameters listed below, only for hours when these and/or other parameters satisfy user-specified numeric ranges.
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* Select output parameters and enter desired minimum and/or maximum value(s)
of any desired "filtering" parameter(s)

Variable Name Format Min/Max values:
Low    High
IMF Spacecraft ID I2   
Plasma Spacecraft ID I2   
# Pts in IMF Avgs Avgs I3   
# Pts in Plasma Avgs I3   
Magnetic field
IMF Magnitude Avg, nT F5.1   
Magnitude, Avg. IMF Vr, nT F5.1   
Lat. of Avg. IMF, deg. F5.1   
Long. of Avg. IMF, deg. F5.1   
Bx, GSE/GSM, nT F5.1   
By, GSE, nT F5.1   
Bz, GSE, nT F5.1   
By, GSM, nT F5.1   
Bz, GSM, nT F5.1   
Sigma in IMF Magnitude Avg. F5.1   
Sigma in IMF Vector Avg F5.1   
Sigma Bx, nT F5.1   
Sigma By, nT F5.1   
Sigma Bz, nT F5.1   
Proton Temperature, K F8.0   
Proton Density, n/cc F5.1   
Flow Speed, km/sec F5.0   
Flow Longitude, deg. F5.0   
Flow Latitude, deg. F5.0   
Alpha/Proton Density Ratio F5.3   
Flow Pressure, nPa F5.1   
Sigma-T F5.1   
Sigma-Np F5.1   
Sigma-V F5.1   
Sigma-Flow-Longitude F5.1   
Sigma-Flow-Latitude F5.1   
Sigma-Alpha/Proton Ratio F5.1   
Derived Parameters
Electric Field, mV/m F6.2   
Plasma beta F6.2   
Alfven Mach number F5.1   
Magnetosonic Mach number F5.1   
Proton Quazy-Invariant(QI) F6.4   
Kp*10 Index I2   
R Sunspot number (new version) I3   
Dst Index, provisional when? I5   
ap Index, nT I4   
Solar index F10.7 F6.1   
AE Index, provisional when? I4   
AL Index, nT I5   
AU Index, nT I5   
PCN index from Thule F6.1   
Lyman Alpha Solar index F9.6   
Proton Flux* > 1 MEV F9.2   
Proton Flux* > 2 MEV F8.2   
Proton Flux* > 4 MEV F8.2   
Proton Flux* >10 MEV F8.2   
Proton Flux* >30 MEV F8.2   
Proton Flux* >60 MEV

*Advanced plot selections (optional)
Y-axis Scale:
Character size(0.5-2.0): Symbol Size(0.1-4.0):
Plot Symbol: Image size (pixels) X: Y:


If you have any questions/comments about OMNIWEB system, contact:
Dr. Natalia Papitashvili, Space Physics Data Facility, Mail Code 672, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771

NASA Official: Robert Candey (, Head of the Space Physics Data Facility