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ACE daily CRIS fluxes (Z>=5), from CRIS instrument (Caltech)

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Time span: 1997-08-29 to 2021-09-18

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Fluxes are given in 1/(sec-cm**2-ster-MeV/n );
Fluxes   (Numbers below are min/max energies in MeV/n)
38.4- 49.2 B Flx   Unc
50.3- 67.4 B Flx   Unc
68.2- 82.4 B Flx   Unc
83.1- 95.5 B Flx   Unc
96.1-107.4 B Flx   Unc
107.9-118.3Flx   Unc
118.9-128.7Flx   Unc
47.8- 61.2 C Flx   Unc
62.6- 84.0 C Flx   Unc
85.0-102.7 C Flx   Unc
103.6-119.2Flx   Unc
120.0-134.2Flx   Unc
134.8-147.9Flx   Unc
148.6-161.1Flx   Unc
51.4- 65.8 N Flx   Unc
67.3- 90.4 N Flx   Unc
91.5-110.6 N Flx   Unc
111.6-128.4Flx   Unc
129.2-144.5Flx   Unc
145.3-159.4Flx   Unc
160.2-173.7Flx   Unc
59.0- 75.6 O Flx   Unc
77.2-103.8 O Flx   Unc
105.1-127.2Flx   Unc
128.3-147.8Flx   Unc
148.7-166.5Flx   Unc
167.4-183.8Flx   Unc
184.7-200.4Flx   Unc
63.2- 81.0 F Flx   Unc
82.8-111.3 F Flx   Unc
112.7-136.5Flx   Unc
137.7-158.7Flx   Unc
159.7-178.9Flx   Unc
179.8-197.5Flx   Unc
198.5-215.4Flx   Unc
69.4- 89.0 Ne Flx   Unc
91.0-122.5 Ne Flx   Unc
124.0-150.3Flx   Unc
151.6-174.9Flx   Unc
176.0-197.3Flx   Unc
198.3-218.0Flx   Unc
219.1-237.9Flx   Unc
72.0- 92.4 Na Flx   Unc
94.4-127.2 Na Flx   Unc
128.8-156.2Flx   Unc
157.5-181.8Flx   Unc
182.9-205.1Flx   Unc
206.2-226.8Flx   Unc
227.9-247.5Flx   Unc
77.1- 98.9 Mg Flx   Unc
101.1-136.3Flx   Unc
138.0-167.5Flx   Unc
169.0-195.1Flx   Unc
196.3-220.3Flx   Unc
221.4-243.6Flx   Unc
244.9-266.1Flx   Unc
81.0-104.1 Al Flx   Unc
106.4-143.5Flx   Unc
145.3-176.5Flx   Unc
178.0-205.6Flx   Unc
206.9-232.3Flx   Unc
233.5-257.0Flx   Unc
258.3-280.9Flx   Unc
86.3-110.9 Si Flx   Unc
113.3-153.1Flx   Unc
155.0-188.3Flx   Unc
190.0-219.6Flx   Unc
221.0-248.3Flx   Unc
249.5-274.9Flx   Unc
276.3-300.5Flx   Unc
89.4-115.0 P Flx   Unc
117.5-158.8Flx   Unc
160.8-195.5Flx   Unc
197.2-228.1Flx   Unc
229.5-257.9Flx   Unc
259.3-285.7Flx   Unc
287.2-312.4Flx   Unc
94.8-121.9 S Flx   Unc
124.6-168.6Flx   Unc
170.7-207.7Flx   Unc
209.5-242.5Flx   Unc
244.0-274.4Flx   Unc
275.8-304.1Flx   Unc
305.7-332.8Flx   Unc
97.1-124.9 Cl Flx   Unc
127.7-172.8Flx   Unc
175.0-213.0Flx   Unc
214.9-248.8Flx   Unc
250.4-281.6Flx   Unc
283.1-312.2Flx   Unc
313.8-341.7Flx   Unc
101.7-130.9Flx   Unc
133.9-181.3Flx   Unc
183.6-223.7Flx   Unc
225.6-261.4Flx   Unc
263.1-296.0Flx   Unc
297.6-328.3Flx   Unc
330.1-359.6Flx   Unc
103.2-133.0Flx   Unc
136.0-184.2Flx   Unc
186.6-227.4Flx   Unc
229.4-265.8Flx   Unc
267.5-301.1Flx   Unc
302.6-334.0Flx   Unc
335.7-365.8Flx   Unc
107.5-138.6Flx   Unc
141.8-192.3Flx   Unc
194.7-237.4Flx   Unc
239.5-277.7Flx   Unc
279.5-314.8Flx   Unc
316.4-349.3Flx   Unc
351.2-382.9Flx   Unc
109.9-141.8Flx   Unc
145.0-196.7Flx   Unc
199.2-243.1Flx   Unc
245.2-284.4Flx   Unc
286.2-322.5Flx   Unc
324.1-358.0Flx   Unc
359.9-392.4Flx   Unc
113.2-146.0Flx   Unc
149.3-202.8Flx   Unc
205.4-250.7Flx   Unc
252.9-293.4Flx   Unc
295.3-332.8Flx   Unc
334.6-369.7Flx   Unc
371.6-405.4Flx   Unc
114.7-148.1Flx   Unc
151.4-205.8Flx   Unc
208.4-254.4Flx   Unc
256.7-297.9Flx   Unc
299.9-338.0Flx   Unc
339.8-375.5Flx   Unc
377.5-411.9Flx   Unc
117.7-152.0Flx   Unc
155.5-211.4Flx   Unc
214.0-261.5Flx   Unc
263.8-306.3Flx   Unc
308.3-347.7Flx   Unc
349.5-386.4Flx   Unc
388.5-424.0Flx   Unc
120.1-155.2Flx   Unc
158.7-215.9Flx   Unc
218.7-267.3Flx   Unc
269.7-313.3Flx   Unc
315.3-355.7Flx   Unc
357.5-395.4Flx   Unc
397.5-433.9Flx   Unc
123.5-159.6Flx   Unc
163.3-222.3Flx   Unc
225.1-275.3Flx   Unc
277.8-322.8Flx   Unc
324.9-366.7Flx   Unc
368.6-407.7Flx   Unc
409.9-447.7Flx   Unc
125.9-162.9Flx   Unc
166.6-226.9Flx   Unc
229.9-281.2Flx   Unc
283.7-329.9Flx   Unc
332.0-374.8Flx   Unc
376.8-417.0Flx   Unc
419.2-457.9Flx   Unc
129.1-167.0Flx   Unc
170.8-232.9Flx   Unc
235.9-288.7Flx   Unc
291.3-338.8Flx   Unc
341.1-385.2Flx   Unc
387.2-428.6Flx   Unc
431.0-470.9Flx   Unc

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