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ACE daily EPAM fluxes ( Fundamental Technologies LLC)

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Time span: 1997-08-30 - 2013-05-26

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Alpha Particle fluxes
Units: 1/(sec-cm**2-ster-MeV/n )
0.443-0.531 MeV/n         
0.531-0.637 MeV/n         
0.637-0.765 MeV/n         
0.765-0.917 MeV/n         
0.917-1.100 MeV/n         
1.100-1.320 MeV/n         
1.320-1.580 MeV/n         
1.580-1.900 MeV/n         
1.900-2.280 MeV/n         
2.280-2.730 MeV/n         
2.730-3.280 MeV/n         
3.280-3.930 MeV/n         

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