ATMOWeb: Satellite Observations of Ionosphere and Upper Atmosphere


This interface provides listing and plotting capabilities for the 15-second merged mission data (79 science parameters and 9 orbit parameters) from the AE-C spacecraft. AE-C was first in an elliptical orbit until mid-75, than changed to a circular orbit at about 300km, and the orbit altitude was changed to about 400 km in mid-77. AE-C's orbit inclination was 68 degrees.

Note: Because of duty cycle limitations there are many data gaps (even several days). The daily ASCII files at our spdf site provide an indication of which days are available.

* Description of spacecraft, experiments and data

Time span of the data set: 1973-12-16 - 1978-12-11

Users may generate time series plots from this page or may generate a scatter plot of any parameter pair by clicking here

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Orbit/Attitude Parameters

Altitude [km]              Latitude [degree] Longitude [degree]
Local time [hour]          Local Magnetic Time [hour]
L-shell parameter [Re]     Magnetic inclination [degree]
Solar zenith angle [degree]Orbit number 

Bennett Ion Mass Spectrometer (BIMS)
H+ [cm-3] He+ [cm-3] N+ [cm-3] O+ [cm-3] N2+ [cm-3] NO+ [cm-3] O2+ [cm-3] Total ion density [cm-3] Special ion #2 [cm-3] Fe+ [cm-3]

Cylindrical Electrostatic Probe (CEP)
Electron temperature [K] Total ion density [cm-3] Spacecraft potential [V] Mean ion mass [AMU]

Low-Energy Electron Spectrometer (LEE)
Electron total energy flux [ergs/(cm2 s sr)] Electron characteristic density [cm-3] Electron characteristic energy [keV] Electron correlation coefficient Proton total energy flux [ergs/(cm2 s sr] Proton characteristic density [cm-3] Proton characteristic energy [keV] Proton correlation coefficient

Miniature Electrostatic Accelerometer (MESA)
Neutral density [g/cm3] Traverse wind component [m/s]

Magnetic Ion Mass Spectrometer (MIMS)
H+ [cm--3] D+ [cm-3] He+ [cm-3] O++ [cm-3] N+ [cm-3] O+ [cm-3] Mg+ [cm-3] N2+ [cm-3] NO+ [cm-3] O2+ [cm-3]

Neutral Atmosphere Composition Experiment (NACE)
N2 [cm-3] O [cm-3] He [cm-3] Ar [cm-3] NO [cm-3] Total Oxygen [cm-3]

Neutral Atmosphere Temperature Experiment (NATE)
Neutral temperature [K] N2 [cm-3] Total Oxygen (O+2*O2) [cm-3] He [cm-3] Ar [cm-3] Vertical wind (+ upward) [m/s]

Open-Source Neutral Mass Spectrometer (OSS)
N2 [cm-3] O2 [cm-3] He [cm-3] O [cm-3] Ar [cm-3] Special (O/2+O2) [cm-3] N [cm-3]

PhotoElectron Spectrometer (PES)
Flux 2-3 eV [1/(cm2 eV s sr)] Flux 7-9 eV [1/(cm2 eV s sr)] Flux 12-17 eV [1/(cm2 eV s sr)] Flux 25-30 eV [1/(cm2 eV s sr)] Flux 37-47 eV [1/(cm2 eV s sr)] Flux 100-500 eV [1/(cm2 eV s sr)]

Retarding Potential Analyzer (RPA)
Ion temperature [K] Total ion density (Ni) [cm-3] Ion drift normal to RPA (VD) [m/s] Spacecraft Potential [V] Transverse vertical ion drift (VD=0) [m/s] Transv. horizontal ion drift (VD=0) [m/s] SIGMA (Delta Ni)/Ni Additional parameter #2 Additional parameter #2

Ultraviolet Nitric Oxide Spectrometer (UVNO)
NO scale height [km] NO density [cm-3] NO density at 150 KM Maximum NO density [cm-3] Altitude of NO maximum [km]

Visible Airglow Experiment (VAE)
CH1: up; CH2: 3371 A [Rayleighs] CH1: down; CH2: 4278 A [Rayleighs] CH1: back; CH2: 5200 A [Rayleighs] CH1: forward; CH2: 5577 A [Rayleighs] CH2: up; CH2: 6300 A [Rayleighs] CH2: down; CH2: 7319 A [Rayleighs]

*Advanced plot selections (optional)
Max hours/panel:(1-24)
Y-axis Scale: Character size(0.5-2.0):
Plot Symbol: Symbol Size(0.1-4.0): Image size (pixels) X: Y:

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