ATMOWeb: Satellite Observations of Ionosphere and Upper Atmosphere


This page lets user list and plot 16-second ionospheric/thermospheric data obtained by NASA's DE-2 spacecraft between August 06, 1981 and February 15, 1983. (spacecraft operations ceased on February 19). The DE-2 orbit was high-inclination and elliptical (300-1000 km).

The user can download daily files in ASCII format from SPDF's anonymnous ftp site in directory spacecraft_data/de/de2/combined_plasma_neutrals_ua/de2_ua/.

Time span of the data set: 1981-08-06 - 1983-02-15

Users may generate time series plots from this page or may generate a scatter plot of any parameter pair by clicking here

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Neutral Atmospheric Composition Spectrometer (NACS)
N2 [cm-3] O [cm-3] He [cm-3] Ar [cm-3] N [cm-3]

Wind and Temperature Spectrometer (WATS)
Neutral temperature [K] Eastward (zonal) neutral wind [m/s] Upward (zonal) neutral wind [m/s]

LANGmuir Probe (LANG)
Electron density [cm-3] Electron temperature [K]

Fabry-Perot Interferometer (FPI)
Wavelength [Angstrom] Tangent altitude [km] Northward neutral wind [m/s] Neutral temperature [K] Intensity [Raleighs]

Retarding Potential Analyzer (RPA) and Ion Drift Meter (IDM)
Ion temperature [K] Total ion density [cm-3] Eastward ion drift [m/s] RPA - IDM Northward ion drift (m/sec) Upward ion drift [m/s]

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Send questions about ATMOWeb data to Dr. Dieter Bilitza
Send questions about ATMOWeb system/interface to: Dr. Natalia Papitashvili

NASA Official: Robert Candey (, Head of the Space Physics Data Facility