ATMOWeb: Satellite Observations of Ionosphere and Upper Atmosphere


This home page provides a scatter plot capabilities for 10-second resolution ionospheric parameters from Hinotori. It is the 7th Japanese scientific satellite launched on 2/1981 into a low-inclination (31.3 deg.), circular (600 km) orbit. The Hinotori Plasma Probes observed the equatorial topside ionosphere measuring electron density and temperature from February 23, 1981 to June 19, 1982 (solar cycle maximum).

The user can download original data files as well as .txt files from SPDF ANON FTP site using the following links:
* HINOTORI ASCII data files by month.

Time span of the data set: 1981-02-22 - 1982-06-14

*Select an activity
     Scatter plot/regression fit (N#<30000 points)     List Numeric data

* Enter start and stop dates
(enter year(1973-2000), month(01-12), day(01-31), hour(00-23), as YYYYMMDDHH)
   Start time      Stop time     Valid range: [1981-02-22-23 - 1982-06-14-13]

*Select X/Y or Y/X axises for any two variables

Variable Name X/Y Axes Optional values:
Low    High
Local Time
Year X-axis Y-axis   
Month X-axis Y-axis   
Day X-axis Y-axis   
Hour X-axis Y-axis   
Minute X-axis Y-axis   
Second X-axis Y-axis   
Orbit/Attitude Parameters
Orbit Number X-axis Y-axis   
Longitude (Deg) X-axis Y-axis   
Latitude (Deg) X-axis Y-axis   
Geomagnetic Latitude (Deg) X-axis Y-axis   
Altitude (Km) X-axis Y-axis   
Ionospheric Parameters
Delta_t(Ne)/sec X-axis Y-axis   
Electron density(/cm-3) observed by
Impedance probe
X-axis Y-axis   
Delta_t(Te)sec X-axis Y-axis   
Electron temperature/K (signal of 0.5V) X-axis Y-axis   
Electron temperature/k (signal of 0.25V) X-axis Y-axis   
Electron temperature/K (two Lanmuir Probe) X-axis Y-axis   
Satellite potential (mV) X-axis Y-axis   
* It is recommended to use the first of the three given electron temperature values,
because it is the most reliable value with only small fluctuation (see also Oyama, 1991).

* User may select the fitting method
    No fitting      Delta-Y method(N<30000)

*Advanced plot selections (optional)
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Send questions about ATMOWeb data to Dr. Dieter Bilitza
Send questions about ATMOWeb system/interface to: Dr. Natalia Papitashvili

NASA Official: Robert Candey (, Head of the Space Physics Data Facility