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Electron density and temperature, ion composition and temperature photoelectron fluxes from AEROS-A

This home page provides access to data from the AEROS-A RPA

Time Resolution:from seconds to minutes

This data set and its description are placed at SPDF's anonymous FTP site spdf.gsfc.nasa.gov in directory https://spdf.gsfc.nasa.gov/pub/data/aeros/aeros-a/plasma_rpa_ascii/

Time span of data set: 1973-01-03 - 1973-08-03

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Local time (solar), decimal hours
Geomagnetic local time, decimal hours
Solar zenith angle, deg.
Mean Julian date (1)
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Geodetic latitude,deg.
Geodetic longitude,deg.
Geomagnetic latitude, deg
Geomagnetic longitude, deg
Magnetic inclination, deg
Magnetic declination, deg
Modified dip latitude, deg
Invariant latitude, deg
Magnetic field, [100 nT]
F10.7 (daily)
Sunspot number
Kp index (3-hour)
Ap index (daily)
Orbit nuber
Mode 1 - Ne, Te, and photoelectron fluxes
      2,6 - only Ne and Te
      3,4 - Ne, Te, Ti and ion composition
log10(Ne) (primary measurment), Ne/m-3
log10(Ne) (secondary measurment), Ne/m-3
log10(Ni), total ion density. Ni/m-3
log10(Ni), corrected total ion density, Ni/m-3
log10(Ef1), Ef1-photoelectron flux for E < 5eV
log10(Ef2), Ef2-photoelectron flux for E < 8eV
log10(Ef3), Ef3-photoelectron flux for E < 10eV
log10(Ef4), Ef4-photoelectron flux for E < 12eV
log10(Ef5), Ef5-photoelectron flux for E < 21eV
Electron temperature,K
Ion temperature,K
Light ions, Percentage of light ions
Atomic ions, Percentage of atomic ions
Molcular ions, Percentage of molecular ions
He+ ions, Percentage of helium ions
Offset ion density, Precentage of additional ions
Potential, 10 mV

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