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This data set contains fluxes and pitch angles (relative to measured magnetic field) of protons and electrons as measured in the lower half of the energy steps of the electrostatic analyzers, that is, at "<10 ev," 40 eV and 0.76 keV, 60 eV and 1.2 keV, and 100 eV and 1.8 keV. The indicated pairings correspond to simultaneous measurements in the low and medium energy analyzers. Time resolution is variable according to the memory mode being used at any time, ranging between 10 msec and 2.56 sec. Each data file corresponds to one memory readout, and typically consists of a few continuous-data segments. This ASCII data set also contains needed spacecraft position data.

The data set (originally generated at IKI/Russia, PI Y.I.Galperin) is placed at anonymous FTP site At this site a user can find a description of data and experiment .

Time span of data set: 81-10-01 - 82-03-01
Energy level for energy steps (NSTEP) and Time span for every file is given in "particle.tab" file.

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Word Description Format
05 Number flux, low energy electrons (number/cmsq sec sr keV) E12.3
06 Number flux, low energy ions (number/cmsq sec sr keV) E10.3
07 Number flux, medium energy electrons (number/cmsq sec sr keV) E10.3
08 Number flux, medium energy ions (number/cmsq sec sr keV) E10.3
09 Pitch-angle between magnetic field and mean electron velocity, Degrees, 0-180 (downward: 0 in Northern Hemisphere, 180 in Southern Hemisphere) F6.0
10 Pitch-angle between magnetic field and mean ion velocity, Degrees, 0-180 (downward: 0 in Northern Hemisphere, 180 in Southern Hemisphere) F6.0
11 Altitude, km F8.1
12 Geographic Latitude of the Spacecraft, Degrees, +/-90 F8.2
13 Geographic Longitude of the Spacecraft, Degrees, 0-360 F8.2
14 L, McIlwain's Invariant Magnetic Drift Shell Parameter, Re F8.2
15 L0, Invariant Latitude, Degrees, +/-90, L0=arc cos (sqrt(1/L)) F8.2
16 MLT, Magnetic Local Time ,decimal hours,(for centered dipole field) F7.2
17 BMAG, Module of IGRF80 Magnetic Field, MilliGauss (1 milliGauss=100nT) F8.3
18 ZSUN, Solar Zenith Angle, Degrees, 0-180 F8.2

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