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Magnetic and Electric Field data from Dynamics Explorer 2

This home page provides listing and plotting of 0.5-sec. averaged magnetic and electric field vectors from NASA's DE-2 spacecraft (309-1012 km altitude, 89.9 deg inclination, 98 min orbital period) taken between August 15, 1981 and February 16, 1983.
These ASCII-format data are placed at SPDF's anonymous FTP site https://spdf.gsfc.nasa.gov/pub/data/de/de2/magnetic_electric_fields_vefi_magb/dc_500ms_ascii/ At the following link a user can find the detailed descriptions of the experiment, data processing, format, etc.,
NoteThe geomagnetic and electric field data are given in SPaCecraft(SPC) coordinate system (X-along S/C velocity vector, Y-up, [s/c normal attitude], Y-down,[s/c inverted attitude]).

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   Bx-model, nT, SPC                 
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   Radial distance, km 
   Geographical Latitude, Deg, (-90.0 -  90.0)     
   Geographical Longitude, Deg, ( -180.0 - 180.0)               
   Magnetic Local Time (MLT), hours     
   INVariant LATitude, Deg

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