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Explorer35 81.92-sec mag data

Time span 1967-07-19 - 1972-02-23

This home page provides access to ~82-sec resolution magnetic field data from the lunar-orbiting Explorer 35 spacecraft. Data are from solar wind and non-solar wind phases of the orbit. The annual ASCII-formatted data files that underlie this interface are described at and accessible from FTP site

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Parameters Format
Bt_magnitude, nT F7.2
Std_Dev_Bt, nT F7.2
BX, nT (GSE, GSM) F8.2
BY, nT (GSE) F8.2
BZ, nT (GSE) F8.2
B lat. deg. F7.1
B azimuth. deg. F7.1
BY, nT (GSM) nT F8.2
BZ, nT (GSM), nT F8.2
S/C, Xgse,Re F8.2
S/C, Ygse,Re F8.2
S/C, Zgse,Re F8.2
S/C, Ygsm,Re F8.2
S/C, Zgsm,Re F8.2
S/C, Xsse, Rm F8.2
S/C, Ysse, Rm F8.2
S/C, Zsse, Rm F8.2
S/C spin period, sec F7.2
Parameters Format
     Optical aspect time,sec F7.2
     Spin axis RA, SE, deg F7.1
     Spin axis Dec, SE, deg F7.1
     Spin axis RA, SM, deg F7.1
     Spin axis Dec, SM, deg F7.1
     F ratio I4
     Payload Bx, nT F8.2
     Payload By, nT F8.2
     Payload Bz, nT F8.2
     RMS_BX_Payload, nT F7.2
     RMS_BY_Payload, nT F7.2
     RMS_BZ_Payload, nT F7.2
     Payload B Lat,deg. F7.1
     Payload B Azimuth, deg. F7.1
     C ratio I4
     Data quality flag I3
     Experiment flag_A I3
     Experiment flag_B I3
     Num of points in avgs I3
     Sequence # (clock) I8
     Sequence ID I2

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