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Explorer35 hourly merged data

Time span 1967-07-19 - 1968-07-04

This home page provides access to hourly merged magnetic field and plasma data from the lunar-orbiting Explorer 35 spacecraft.
Data are from solar wind and non-solar wind phases of the orbit.
The underlying field and plasma data are described.

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Magnetic Field Parameters Format

Number of points in mag average I3
Bt_magnitude, nT F7.2
Std_Dev_Bt, nT F7.2
BX, nT (GSE, GSM) F8.2
BY, nT (GSE) F8.2
BZ, nT (GSE) F8.2
BY, nT (GSM) nT F8.2
BZ, nT (GSM), nT F8.2

Plasma and Position Parameters Format

      Number of points in plasma average I3
     Ion Density,n/cc F6.1
     True flow speed, km/sec F7.0
     True longitude of flow (v3), deg F6.1
     True latitude of flow (v3), deg F6.1
     Thermal speed, km/sec I5
     Spacecraft Xgse, Re F8.3
     Spacecraft Ygse,Re F8.3
     Spacecraft Zgse,Re F8.3
     Spacecraft Xsse,R-Moon F8.3
     Spacecraft Ysse,R-Moon F8.3
     Spacecraft Zsse,R-Moon F8.3

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