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Plot IMP8, Goes10, Goes11 Flux (>10, >30, >60 Mev) and ACE/SIS Flux (>10, >30 Mev)

This data set was created at GSFC/SPDF by making hourly averages from 5-min fluxes of GOES 10 and GOES 11 taken from, hourly ACE/SIS fluxes from ACE data center, and merging that data with IMP8/CPME hourly fluxes from OMNI2
Time span: 
IMP8    1999-01-01 - 2005-12-31 
GOES10  1999-01-01 - 2009-12-31 (No >60 MeV data after June, 2004)
GOES11  2000-07-01 - 2009-12-31 (Except October 2001 through May 2003)
ACE SIS 1999-01-01 - 2009-12-31 (  For >10, >30  Mev only)
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