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LANL PLASMA DATA FROM IMP-6 (2-min. resolution)

This home page provides access to the IMP-6 2-minute resolution data set from the Electrostatic Analyzer instument provided over the years by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Magnetosheath data were excluded from the 2-min data by LANL.
The original ASCII data set is placed at SPDF's anonymous FTP site in directory
At this directory a user can find a description of the data .

Time span 1971-03-18 - 1974-08-03

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Proton Tperp (Tmin) temperature, deg. K
Proton pressure tensorsymmetry axis, deg.
Alpha/proton abundance ratio
Relative alpha-to-proton flow speed, km/sec
Relative alpha-to-proton flow azimuth, deg.
Alpha temperature/proton temperature
Alpha temperature anisotropy (Tmax/Tmin)
Alpha pressure tensor symmetry axis, deg.

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