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LANL PLASMA DATA FROM IMP-8 (2-min. resolution)

This home page provides access to the IMP-8 2-minute resolution data set which was validated at SPDF (removing some of spikes., rversal time tags, etc. from the Electrostatic Analyzer instument provided over the years by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Magnetosheath data were excluded from the 2-min data by LANL.
The original ASCII data set is placed at SPDF's anonymous FTP site in directory
At this directory a user can find a description of the data .

* Plot and listing of hourly LANL plasma parameters

Time span 1973-11-04 - 2001-10-22

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Spacecraft radial distance (Re)
Spacecraft latitude, deg., GSE
Spacecraft GSE longitude, deg., GSE
Proton density, N/cm^3
Proton flow speed, km/s
Proton flow azimuth, deg.
Proton Tpar (Tmax) temperature, deg. K
Proton Tperp (Tmin) temperature, deg. K
Proton pressure tensorsymmetry axis, deg.
Alpha/proton abundance ratio
Relative alpha-to-proton flow speed, km/sec
Relative alpha-to-proton flow azimuth, deg.
Alpha temperature/proton temperature
Alpha temperature anisotropy (Tmax/Tmin)
Alpha pressure tensor symmetry axis, deg.

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