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MAGNETIC FIELD MEASURMENTS FROM IMP-8 (1-hour res., Solar Wind phases only)

This page provides access to hourly magnetic field averages computed at SPDF from 15-s values for Solar Wind phases of the IMP 8 orbit. The data, and a detailed descriptive readme, are ftp-accessible from

Time span 1973-10-30 - 2000-06-10

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Description Format
04 Number of points I4
05 X [Re], satellite position, GSE F6.1
06 Y [Re], satellite position, GSE F6.1
07 Z [Re], satellite position, GSE F6.1
08 Y [Re], satellite position, GSM F6.1
09 Z [Re], satellite position, GSM F6.1
10 Btotal [nT] F6.1
11 Mag field vector [nT] F6.1
12 Mag field Lat, [deg.] F6.1
13 Mag field Long., [deg.] F6.1
Description Format
14 Bx [nT], GSE F6.1
15 By [nT], GSE F6.1
16 Bz [nT], GSE F6.1
17 By [nT], GSM F6.1
18 Bz [nT], GSM F6.1
19 sigma-B scalar, nT F6.1
20 sigma-F field vector, nT F6.1
21 sigma-Bx, nT (GSE) F6.1
22 sigma-By, nT (GSE) F6.1
23 sigma-Bz, nT (GSE) F6.1

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