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This interface provides access to proton plasma parameters computed at MIT both by moments and nonlinear fits techniques, for both solar wind and magnetosheath phases of the IMP 8 orbit. Each record includes an orbit phase indicator determined at MIT. This interface allows users to limit searches using this indicator (e.g., for solar-wind-only searches) The underlying annual ASCII files are ftp-accessible from Detailed documentation is available from the readme file in that directory.

Scatter plot of any parameter pair
Plot and listing of hourly MIT plasma parameters
Time span 1973-11-06 - 2006-07-25

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Spacecraft Position
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Plasma parameters
Proton Moments Proton Fits
V_mom, km/sec. V_fit, km/sec.
V_thermal_mom_scalar, km/sec. V_thermal_fit_scalar, km/sec.
Density_mom, n/cc Density_fit, n/cc

E/W flow angle_mom, deg. E/W flow angle_best, deg.
Flow elevation_thresh, deg. Flow elevation_threshsp, deg.

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