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Scatter Plot of Electron temperature and density from ISIS-A

Time span of data set: 1969-01-30 - 1971-06-01

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Variable Name X/Y Axes Format of
ASCII data
Optional values:
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Local Time, hours X-axis Y-axis F4.1   
Geodetic Latitude of the Spacecraft, deg X-axis Y-axis I3   
Geodetic Longitude of the Spacecraft, deg X-axis Y-axis I3   
Geomagnetic Latitude of the Spacecraft, deg X-axis Y-axis I3   
Geomagnetic Longitude of the Spacecraft,deg X-axis Y-axis I3   
Altitude,km X-axis Y-axis I4   
Dip Latitude, Degrees X-axis Y-axis I3   
Magnetic inclination (dip), Deg X-axis Y-axis F5.1   
B, Magnetic field strength, 1/100 Gauss X-axis Y-axis I2   
L, Invariant Latitude, Degrees, +/-90 X-axis Y-axis F5.2   
ZSUN, Solar Zenith Angle, Degrees, 0-180 X-axis Y-axis I3   
ap indices (daily) X-axis Y-axis I3   
kp indices (3 hour) X-axis Y-axis I2   
F10.7 (solar radio flux, daily) X-axis Y-axis I3   
Sunspot number (daily) X-axis Y-axis I3   
Electron Temperature,K X-axis Y-axis I4   
Electron Density (cm-3) X-axis Y-axis E7.1   
Satellite potential (mV) X-axis Y-axis I4   

* User may select the fitting method
    No fitting      Delta-Y method(N<30000)

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