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IMP-8 Low Energy Proton and Electron Differential Energy Analyzer (LEPEDEA)

This home page provides access to distribution function and moments (densities,flow speeds) data taken from the University of Iowa LEPEDEA (Low Energy Proton and Electron Differential Energy Analyzer) during many magnetotail passes of the IMP 8 spacecraft (at ~200,000 km). The data are at 3-min. resolution. The ASCII version of this data set (generated at SPDF from original binary) are placed at anonymous FTP site: https://spdf.gsfc.nasa.gov/pub/data/imp/imp8/plasma_lepedea/

Use FORM 1 to get proton or electron distribution function values for different and/or
and moments data, OR use FORM 2 if you only need moments data.

Data are available for only ~260 days for 1978-1986. Click here

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Word Description Format
05 Xsm (GSM X component of IMP position vector, Re) F7.2
06 Ysm (GSM Y component of IMP position vector, Re) F7.2
07 Zsm (GSM Y component of IMP position vector, Re) F7.2
08 DZFM (distance in Re to the neutral sheet using the Fairfield model) F7.2
09 Density (cm**-3) F7.3
10 Vx (km/s) for Proton data,GSE F7.0
11 Vy (km/s) for Proton data,GSE F7.0
12 DVx (uncertainty in Vx) F7.0
13 DVy (uncertainty in Vy) F7.0
14 Temperature in eV E9.2
Distribution Function: Levels/Sectors (words:15-270, format: E9.2)

Sc1Sc2Sc3Sc4Sc5Sc6Sc7Sc8 Sc9Sc10Sc11Sc12Sc13Sc14Sc15Sc16

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