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Lunar Prospector ~5 sec Electron Reflectometer fluxes

These electron flux data were taken from the archives of the Planetary Data System. Note that there are three time segments during which fluxes are given at 337.421 eV and 141.815 eV and three other intervals during which fluxes are given at other energies that are specified below. To read further about the data, go to the PDS web page at Disks LP_1201, LP_1202, LP_1203, and LP_1204 (near the bottom of the PDS page) contain Electron Reflectometer Level 1b data, including but not limited to, the 5-s electron flux data, for the four contiguous time segments constituting this data set. Click on the "computer monitor" icon associated with any of the four disks.

Time span: 1998-01-16 to 1999-07-29

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Fluxes (1/cm**2.sec.ster.MeV) Electron energy range Flags(1-5)
1st Electron flux 1st energy range Flag
2nd Electron flux 2nd energy range Flag

Where flags correspond to energy bin centers: 
1  113.111 eV
2  141.815 eV
3  337.421 eV
4  339.609 eV
5 1238.369 eV

where time intervals correspond to certain flags:
                  Time intervals                        Flags
                                                  1st flux       2nd flux              
1.  1998-01-16T00:00:00 - 1998-01-23T02:28:56	5(1238.369)    3(337.421)
2.  1998-01-23T02:28:56 - 1999-03-30T04:40:49	3(337.421)     2(141.815)
3.  1999-03-30T04:40:49 - 1999-04-02T18:07:14	4(339.609)     1(113.111)
4.  1999-04-02T18:07:14 - 1999-04-28T15:06:34	3(337.421)     2(141.815)
5.  1999-04-28T15:06:34 - 1999-05-02T15:07:08	4(339.609)     1(113.111)
6.  1999-05-02T15:07:08 - 1999-07-29T23:59:59	3(337.421)     2(141.815)

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