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Scatter plot for MAVEN hourly fluxes, rare telescope

MAVEN ( Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission) Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) Experiment,
Ion and Electron hourly fluxes in Rear look direction from s1 sensor

Time span: 2014-09-22 - 2020-02-14

Original ~ 8 seconds data source at: PDS Data System
Only arithmetic hourly averaging was done. (No averaging of logarithms and No threshold numbers of finer scale points.)
We believe, these data will be useful for looking at large solar disturbances near Mars

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19.7-21.1,X   Y
21.1-22.5,X   Y
22.4-23.8,X   Y
23.8-26.6,X   Y
26.5-29.3,X   Y
29.3-33.3,X   Y
33.3-38.7,X   Y
38.7-45.5,X   Y
45.5-55.1,X   Y
55.1-67.3,X   Y
67.3-83.7,X   Y
83.6-105.4,X   Y
105.8-134.2,X   Y
133.7-170.3,X   Y
170.6-219.4,X   Y
219.1-282.9,X   Y
283.2-368.8,X   Y
369.5-480.5,X   Y
480.5-627.5,X   Y
628.0-822.0,X   Y
822.0-1078.0,X   Y
1081.5-1418.5,X   Y
1417.5-1862.5,X   Y
1857.5-2442.5,X   Y
2445.5-3214.5,X   Y
3215.0-4225.0,X   Y
4225.0-5575.0,X   Y
5575.0-7245.0,X   Y
20.1-21.5,X   Y
21.5-22.9,X   Y
22.9-24.3,X   Y
24.3-27.1,X   Y
27.1-29.9,X   Y
29.9-34.1,X   Y
34.1-39.7,X   Y
39.8-46.8,X   Y
46.8-56.6,X   Y
56.6-69.3,X   Y
69.2-86.2,X   Y
86.2-108.8,X   Y
108.2-137.8,X   Y
138.0-176.0,X   Y
176.7-227.3,X   Y

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