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OGO 6 Bennett Ion Mass Spectrometer Data

This home page provides access to data from the OGO 6 BIMS experiment for the time period from June 12, 1969 to December 31, 1970 in ASCII format.The instrument measures the ion densities of seven ion species (H+, He+, N+, O+, N2+, NO+, O2+). Each data record lists the density and orbit parameters for one specific density measurement. The ASCII data set also contains needed spacecraft position data, IGRF model parameters, and indices.

Time Resolution: ~40 seconds

This data set and its description are located at SPDF's FTP site

Time spans of data set: 1969-06-12 - 1969-12-01  
                        1970-03-01 - 1970-12-31
Note: There are many data gaps within these time spans
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Variable Name X/Y Axes Format of
ASCII files
Optional values:
Low    High
Magnetic Local Time in decimal hours X Y F5.2   
Geodetic Latitude, Degrees X Y F6.2   
Geodetic Longitude, Degrees X Y F6.2   
Geomagnetic Latitude, Degrees X Y F6.2   
Altitude,km X Y F7.2   
Dip - Magnetic inclination, deg. X Y F5.1   
L-shell X Y F5.2   
L-code (1- correct; 2 - not correct;
3 - approx. used)
X Y I1   
3-hourly Ap magnetic index X Y I3   
3-hourly Kp magnetic index X Y I2   
F10.7 - Daily solar radio flux X Y I3   
R - Daily sunspot number X Y I3   
Ion Density (good data), cm-3
for the selected ion
X Y E10.4   
Ion Density (all data), cm-3
for the selected ion
X Y E10.4   
Orbit number X Y I5   
Eclipse Flag (0 - not in eclipse;
1 - in eclipse)
X Y I1   

* Select the fitting method
    No fitting      Delta-Y method(N<30000)

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