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Averages, standard deviations and DF for IMP, Geotail, WIND, ACE hourly plasma data

Time span of data set:          Max No fine scale points/hr:
IMP/LANL      1974-01-01 - 2001-10-21      62
IMP/MIT       1974-01-01 - 2005-12-31      60
Geotail       1995-01-01 - 2006-12-31      75
ACE           1998-02-05 - 2021-03-13      15
WIND/SWE_kp   1995-01-01 - 2023-03-11      45
WIND/SWE_fit  1995-01-01 - 2023-02-24      45
WIND/SWE_mom  1995-01-01 - 2023-02-24      45

This page provides the ability to produce averages, standard deviations and distribution functions for any one of the parameters listed below, only for hours when the value of this parameter and/or other parameters satisfy user-specified numeric ranges. Click on radio button to specify the output parameter. Enter in the boxes desired minimum and/or maximum value(s) of this and/or any other desired "filtering" parameter(s).

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* Optional Min/Max values

Flow speed, km/s.

Flow azimuth, deg.

Flow elevation, deg.

Proton Density, n/cc

Proton Temp., K

Alpha/Prot Density Ratio

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Note: Specify zero (0) to suppress the determination and display of a distribution function

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NASA Official: Robert Candey (, Head of the Space Physics Data Facility