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About the Data

All the data to which this interface and its multiple underlying interfaces provide access have in common that they are relevant to heliospheric studies and/or provide solar wind input data for studies of solar wind - magnetosphere coupling, and that they are resident at GSFC/Space Physics Data Facility. Included are plasma, magnetic field and energetic particle data from 1 AU and deep-space spacecraft. Most data sets are from specific instruments carried on specific spacecraft and are as provided by spacecraft instrument teams. In addition, some data sets are as reformatted or have parameters transformed to a different coordinate system to facilitate multi-point heliospheric studies (cf. COHOWeb), some (1 min resolution) are as shifted to the Earth's bow shock nose for use in solar wind - magnetosphere studies, and one (OMNI) is a multi-source data set at resolutions ranging between 1 min and 27 days for use in solar wind - magnetosphere studies and for studies of long-term variations in heliospheric plasma and particle populations and in the IMF.

"About the data" or equivalent options are available on many of the underlying pages. These have more detail about the data and any processing that may have been done by us.

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