Virtual Ionosphere, Thermosphere, Mesosphere Observatory (VITMO)
DGRF/IGRF Geomagnetic Field Model 1900 - 2020 and Related Parameters

This page enables the computation of International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF) parameter profiles in altitude, (geographic) latitude, longitude, or year. The parameters include the magnetic field strength and vector components, the magnetic inclination and declination angles and the L value.
Note:this model does not include external sources!

NEW: February 12, 2015: Interface has been updated to IGRF Version 12 (up to year 2020).

* Go to the description of DGRF/IGRF model and source codes

*How to get model data from command line

* Select Year:
     Year(1900 - 2020):
* Select Coordinates
    Latitude(deg.,from -90. to 90.): Longitude(deg.,from 0. to 360.):
    Height (km, from 0. to 30000.):
* Select a Profile type and it parameters:
          Start Stop Stepsize
*Select output form:
List model data
Create model data file in ASCII format  for downloading

Plot model data 
      Note 1: The first selected parameter below always will be along the X-axis, the other selections will be along Y-axis.
              (e.g. if you want a Height profile, you may specify Height as the first parameter in the listing below.)     
      Note 2: User may get scatter plot if he specifies any two parameters below and changes the "connect type"  
              in the "Advanced plot selections" to "show points only"   
* Select desired output parameters
Independent Variables
Height, km
Geocentric Latitude, deg.
Geocentric Longitude, deg.
IGRF Model Parameters
Dipole Moment, nT
B_total, nT
B_north, Geographical, nT
B_east, Geographical, nT
B_down, nT
Magnetic Inclination, deg
Magnetic Declination, deg.
L_value, Re
Quality flag (=1 L and B0 correct; =2 wrong; =3 approx. used)

Advanced plot selections (optional)
Connect Type: Character size(0.5-2.0)
Plot Symbol: Symbol Size(0.1-4.0):
Image size (pixels):X: Y:

The 9th Generation International Geomagnetic Reference Field
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