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Interface to produce scatter plots and regression fits, or listings

Note: Voyager magnetometer data past 1989 must be used very carefully due to the very low magnetic field values being measured as compared to the pre-launch magnetometer accuracy requirements. Please click here for details.

Click HERE for more on using this interface.

For Advanced Options: For Linear Regression Fits (LRF) and scatter plots for single lag (including zero lag) and
for LRF for series of lags, for auto- and cross-correlation HERE

*Select an activity

     Scatter plot data List data selected

*Enter start and stop dates (Use yyyymmdd)
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* Select variable
Variable Name X/Y Axes Min/Max values(Optional):
Low    High  
Position in HGI
Heliocentric Distance, AU X    Y      
HelioGraphic Inertial (HGI) Latitude, deg. X    Y      
HGI Longitude, deg. X    Y      
Magnetic field
IMF B Field Magnitude (Scalar), nT X    Y      
IMF BR in RTN(Radial-Tangential-Normal), nT X    Y      
IMF BT, nT (RTN) X    Y      
IMF BN, nT (RTN) X    Y      
Proton Flow Speed, km/sec X    Y      
Proton Flow Elevation Angle/Latitude, (RTN), deg. X    Y      
Proton Flow Azimuth Angle/Longitude (RTN), deg. X    Y      
Proton Density, n/cc X    Y      
Proton Temperature, K X    Y      
Proton fluxes from LECP (1/(sec-cm**2-ster-MeV)
0.52-1.45 MeV X-axisY-axis      
3.04-17.3 MeV X-axisY-axis   
22.0-30.0 MeV X-axisY-axis   
6-hr Proton fluxs from CRS instrument (1/(sec-cm**2-ster-MeV)
3.000-4.600 MeV X-axisY-axis      
4.600-6.200 MeV X-axisY-axis   
6.200-7.700 MeV X-axisY-axis   
7.700-12.800 MeV X-axis Y-axis   
12.800-17.900 MeV X-axis Y-axis   
17.900-30.000 MeV X-axisY-axis   
30.000-48.000 MeV X-axis Y-axis   
48.000-56.000 MeV X-axis Y-axis   
75.861-82.562 MeV X-axis Y-axis   
130.339 - 154.217 MeV X-axis Y-axis   
154.217 - 171.338 MeV X-axis Y-axis   
171.338 - 193.643 MeV X-axis Y-axis   
193.643 - 208.152 MeV X-axis Y-axis   
208.152 - 245.690 MeV X-axis Y-axis   
245.690 - 272.300 MeV X-axis Y-axis   
272.300 - 344.010 MeV X-axis Y-axis   
344.010 - 478.623 MeV X-axis Y-axis   
478.623 - 598.667 MeV X-axis Y-axis   

* Select the fitting method
    No fitting     Delta-Y method(N<30000)

*Advanced plot selections (optional)
X-axes type: Y-axes type:
View Mode: Character size(0.5-2.0):
Plot Symbol: Symbol Size(0.1-4.0):
Image size (pixels): X: Y: Connect Type:


If you have any questions/comments about COHOWEB system, contact:
Dr. Natalia Papitashvili,Mail Code 672, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771

NASA Official: Robert Candey (, Head of the Space Physics Data Facility