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Spectral Plots of Planetary (SP-P) energetic particle fluxes

Data source, Plot/List Resolution Species Time span Energy range
  Messenger (prelim.)     1hr H, He2 2011-03-23 - 2015-04-30     0.045 - 13.916
  MAVEN forward (s1)     1hr Ions, Elec(e) 2014-09-22 - 2020-02-14     20.1 - 7560.0
  MAVEN rear (s1)     1hr Ions, Elec(e) 2014-09-22 - 2020-02-14     19.7 - 7245.0

        Protons (H) for MESSENGER,                   Ions for MAVEN
        Alpha particles (He) for MESSENGER,    Electrons for MAVEN

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