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Electron temperature and density from ISIS-1

This home page provides access to data set which includes the archived data from the Cylindrical Electrostatic Probe (CEP) experiment on the ISIS-1 satellite. ISIS-1 (ISIS-A) was launched on 1969-01-30 into an elliptical orbit (500-3500km) with an inclination of 88.4 degrees. It's payload included sweep- and fixed-frequequency ionosondes, a VLF receiver, energetic and soft particle detectors, an ion mass spectrometer, an electrostatic analyzer, a beacon transmitter, a cosmic noise experiment and the CEP. A tape recorder with 1-h capacity was included on the satellite. The Data were also collected during overflights of several telemetry stations. The telemetry stations were in areas that provided primary data coverage near the 80-deg-W meridian and in areas near Hawaii, Singapore, Australia, the UK, Norway, India, Japan, Antarctica, New Zealand, and Central Africa.
ASCII data set also contains needed spacecraft position data, IGRF model parameters, and indices.

Time Resolution:1-5 Minutes

This data set and its description placed at FTP site

Time span of data set: 69-01-30 - 71-06-01

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