Heliospheric Trajectory Books

NSSDC has issued a series of heliospheric trajectory books. These books contain variously presented heliospheric trajectory information, via plots and tables for the spacecraft and time periods given below. Some books have planet location information for determining locations of planet-orbitting spacecraft relative to the spacecraft below (e.g., PVO at Venus, IMP 8 at Earth).

Spacecraft name         Book 1          Book 2          Book 3  

Galileo                               1989-1999       1989-2015
Helios 1&2            1975-1990
ICE                                   1983-2014
NEAR                                                  1996-1999
Pioneers 6-9          1965-1990
Pioneers 10&11        1972-1990       1972-1999
Suisei, Sakigake                      1985-1999
Ulysses                               1991-1999       1991-2015
Voyager 1&2           1977-1990       1977-1999       1977-2015

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